SRT ITALIA company operates on the paper market since 1943 .

In the years we grew and structured ourselves with two synergistic divisions: SRT buys and commercializes in the national and international market with the main European countries like France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, England, Holland, Belgium, and extra-European countries like U.S.A., Canada , Russia, China, India, Brazil.

At today SRT ITALIA treats on its factories more than 120.000 tons of paper per year.

We deal with the main printing works and mill paper fm. which we purchase and supply printing paper of first and second choice, stock paper for offset and rotogravure, cut and worked in the type and sizes required by the Customer, so to optimize the production process with a sensible reduction of the raw materials and working costs .

With our advanced organization and logistic, we are able to supply to our Customers a JUST IN TIME service, also for medium and small quantities.

We always have got available all the types of graphical paper for offset and rotogravure printing like : glossy and matt paper, with and without wood paper, bulky paper, rolled paper, newspaper and book paper, in all the paper weight and heights.

With our equipment for cutting and reeling , we can work, cut and package the paper up to height of 5 meters , with diameter of 140 cm , core of 7 cm, 7.6 and 15 cm , paper weight fm. 40 to 130 g.

With the PEFC and FSC® (license Code FSC-C116885) certification we also pay a special attention for the respect of the environment and forest safeguard ; hence we also supply PEFC and FSC® (license Code FSC-C116885) certified paper.

With the paper collection and recycling we purchase unsold lots, old stock , unused stocks, printed returns and print trims , newspapers, magazines, publishing products, packaging paper and cardboard , Kraft paper, recycling paper.

This paper, treated, selected and packed with our plants supply the primary products for the production of new and recycled paper for the mill paper .
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